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Links of Interest
About the Provided Links The following links contain information that we have, in past and in present, included as reference material to many of our clients and friends. Topics include training, diet, health & well being and general interest. Although we have found these links to contain beneficial information, we may not agree fully with All of the information provided. Some of the opinions expressed may not match those of the owners and staff of Country lane Pet Resort, so please use this information at your own discretion.
Training & Behavior Modification Links While we no longer offer training services, we do recommend that anyone looking to work "with" their dog to explore the links below and find an appropriate facility to train your pets based on the information provided.
Dr. Sophia Yin The late Dr. Sophia Yin gives great insight into the use of positive reinforcement in pet training. Her approach is part scientific, part "feel", manipulating reward and using great timing and patience to reward appropriate behavior. A fantastic site with a wealth of information for trainers of every level to reference. There are some interesting cross-species videos as well. http://drsophiayin.com Videos: http://drsophiayin.com/videos Dominance (dispelling the myths): http://drsophiayin.com/philosophy
Dogs On Campus
Health & Nutrition Links We take your pets health and well-being very seriously. Being a boarding facility, we are often your pet's home away from home and, when in our care, a healthy pet is a happier pet and much easier to take care of. Due to this, our facility takes a more progressive approach to promoting health through diet and other means. Please read through the links provided to see how you might best improve your pets health and well-being or simply avoid issues altogether. While we agree with much of the information provided in the links and much of the material mirrors our own experience, it is the responsibility of each pet owner to determine what is appropriate for their pet. We strongly encourage you to research and experience for yourself the results of some of the alternatives to what has become "traditional" pet care and come to your own conclusions.
Dogs Naturally Magazine A fantastic publication with a wealth of information pertaining to k9 health and well-being. This resource is available in digital as well as a printed format. In addition to their magazine, we look forward to their articles which they send via email as well as through our newsfeed on Facebook. Always interesting as well as informative.
Raw Feeding There are many opinions on this topic, both for and against raw feeding for pets. The difference between these opinions is that those who support raw feeding have (in the majority of cases) been feeding raw for some time and have experienced the benefits first hand. For those who disagree with this method of feeding, most (in our experience) have never actually fed raw and/or have been misinformed. Having fed raw food to our dogs for the past 15+ years, we understand the benefits that we have experienced and we have also witnessed considerable improvement in the majority of the dogs that we have helped to switch over to this method of feeding. The following information provides some insight into the myths and realities of feeding such a diet. While we may not agree with all of the information provided, it is a good resource to answer many of the common questions that people have: http://rawfed.com/myths/
Kibble Format Food The following site provides insight into the content of the majority of (kibble) foods sold on the market today while also providing guidance with regard to ingredients and their impact on your pets health and well-being. http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com Index Page, with foods listed alphabetically for quick lookup:
http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog-food-index-a.html The criteria by which they rate the foods:
Owned and operated by Cindy Boht and Chris Lavery, Dogs on Campus offers a variety of training options.
Their goal is to provide a facility where people and their canine companions can play, train and interact in a clean, safe, and pleasant environment. They are committed to helping owners work with their dogs emotional and physical needs while developing communication and relationships built on mutual trust and respect. All training is carried out using positive, reward-based methods that are motivational and fun for both human and canine, leading to happy, social, well-rounded dogs. 905-449-6017
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