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Boarding Information & Price List: Please click on the link to the right to view/download a copy of our boarding information guide and price list
Why Board Your Pet? There are a number of reasons that people board their pets with us. Many who opt to use our day boarding service realize that their work days are quite long and, by having their dog at our facility, they are assured that their dog is receiving excellent care, interaction and regular exercise. Others use this service when they head off on vacation and it is not convenient or possible to take their pet with them. In other instances, emergency situation arise and there is a need for boarding services when there is nobody willing or reliable to look after a pet. Regardless of reason, boarding a pet at our facility ensures the pet owner that their pet will be well cared for, be safely housed, fed as per owners instructions, given required medications if necessary and provided appropriate exercise throughout their stay
About Our Facility Our award-winning facility began operations in November of 2003 under the ownership of Paula Dumouchel-Clay and Michael Clay after extensive renovations to the existing facility. Since opening, many changes have taken place, including the addition of multiple exercise areas, grading of the property around the kennel, drainage systems and much, much more. Our goal has always been to provide our clients with consistent, reliable service and a clean, friendly atmosphere. To achieve this, we hire and retain only quality staff that meet our high standards. Their professionalism with the clientel, both human and canine, is unmatched in our industry as is their patience and caring for our guests. They are the faces that our clients have become familiar and comfortable with. Country Lane Pet Resort is subject to annual inspections by the Municipality of Clarington, ensuring that we meet the criteria for appropriate care and containment, and allowing our facility to earn its kennel license each year. Unlike many In-Home boarding operations (which are in violation of bylaws in our municipality), we are properly zoned, licensed and insured. We have appropriate fencing, clean and safe kennel runs and documented procedures that ensure safe and sound operation. Be leery of those who offer in-home boarding as they are not operating legally and therefore do not have the proper insurance in place, nor are they required to meet basic standards. By choosing a licensed facility in your Municipality, you are given the assurance that at least basic standards are being met.
A Day at the Resort A typical day at the resort begins at 7:00am (8:00am on Sundays due to bylaw restrictions) with a brief exercise period to allow the dogs to stretch their legs, relieve themselves and expend some energy. During this time our staff are busy preparing meals, freshening and filling up water, as well as tidying up. Dogs are let back in to eat, given some time to digest and prepare for the next exercise period at approximately 9:00am. This second exercise period is generally longer, however, weather plays a role in the duration of exercise periods and, if cold or rainy, we may choose to shorten outdoor time or simply provide shorter, but more frequent, exercise periods. During the second exercise period we scrub and rinse each pets run, check their bedding and top up their water. At 3:00pm our afternoon staff arrive and the exercise regiment is repeated again, meals are prepared for those who receive evening meals and a rest period follows. Finally, dogs are exercised one last time before being tucked in for the night between 8-9pm. Our facility prides itself on providing quality care for all clients. For this reason we do not offer “packages” or “levels” of care as marketing tools to up-sell our services. We provide the same level of care to all clients.
Our Recommendations BEFORE BOARDING YOUR PET ANYWHERE, BE SURE TO TOUR THE FACILITY AND SPEAK WITH THE STAFF. NEVER book your dog, sight-unseen, into any facility and be careful when shopping around without visiting facilities... often, with price, you get what you pay for. Never rely on a phone conversation to provide you with an accurate description of what your pet will experience while at a facility. Make sure you tour the facilities in question. We recommend that you leave your pet at home while you tour so that you can take the time to ask any questions you may have and inspect the facility without distraction. Bringing your pet for the tour can also cause unnecessary stress to your dog and the dogs boarding at the facility. Be leery of “play-all-day” or cage-free boarding facilities that promote large groups of dogs that live together while boarding. This is a potential for conflict. There are some facilities that offer group exercise that are fantastic, overseen by staff with considerable experience and carried out with smaller, easier to manage groups of familiar dogs. Avoid facilities that run large numbers of dogs together with few and/or inexperienced attendants to supervise. This is done in an attempt to save money and may not be in your pets best interest. View the kennel runs where your dog will be staying. Make sure that the size of run is appropriate and that your pet is receiving the entire run for their entire stay. Some facilities, without your knowledge, will partition runs to accommodate greater numbers when they purposely overbook. We DO NOT do this.
 Avoid in-home boarding operations. Most are not insured for pet care nor are they licensed to lawfully operate in most municipalities. Ask to see kennel licenses and proof of insurance specific to the operation of a kennel.
Rules & Frequently Asked Questions
Boarding Information & Price List: Please click on the link to the right to view/download a copy of our boarding information guide and price list
1. When arriving here, PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY and cautiously down our driveway (do not exceed 20km/hr). Our family including young children, dogs, puppies live here and their safety is of great concern to us, as well as the safety of our staff and clients. 2. While on the property all pets must be on-leash and physically restrained BEFORE leaving the vehicle. Past incidents with off-leash dogs have led to unfortunate situations that have forced us to be very strict with this rule. Failure to comply will result in expulsion from our property. 3. While on the property, please pick up after your pet if it relieves itself. We can provide you with a bag should you require it. Please also refrain from littering, including tossing cigarette butts or other refuse while here.
Q. What information do I need to provide you with before I can board my dog with you?
A. We will request that you tour our facility. At that time (or over the phone) we will ask you to fill out a boarding agreement which will provide us with all of the information we need to take care of your pet, contact you if necessary or take care of any emergency situation should the need arise. Q. Your boarding agreement asks for a vet expense limit... why?
A. For insurance purposes, we require this information. In the event your pet injures itself or becomes ill, we need to establish a vet expense limit to provide medical care for them. Each person may have a different amount that they feel comfortable spending in the event of an emergency, which we are not in a position to determine. Q. Why does your boarding agreement ask for an emergency contact?
A. In the event of an emergency we require the assistance of an emergency contact to either provide care for your pet or make decisions about your pets well-being in your absence (if we are unable to contact you). This contact must be aware that you are assigning this responsibility to them and that, in the event there is an emergency, that they will be contacted and may be asked to take the pet (if needed) to a veterinarian or provide them with care in the event that they cannot stay with us due to illness, etc. Q. I feed my dog a raw diet... will you still take them? How do I prepare their food?
A. Yes. We can provide freezer space for your pets food. Our only request is that all foods are prepared and portioned ahead of time either in containers or Zip-Loc bags, and each container is labelled with the date to be fed and which meal (morning or evening if dogs are fed twice). Please specify if food is to be thawed or fed frozen as well. We also sell raw food at our facility, just in case you were wondering ;) Q. Will my dog be playing with other dogs?
A. At one point we did offer a playcare service which we found led to a number of behavioral issues with many of the dogs that we had in the program. It also creates a potential liability if not properly managed or if the individual assessing the dogs for compatibility makes an error. As pleasant as it may sound to have your dog playing while in our care, we feel it is in your best interest to choose who your dog interacts with, with your supervision. Entrusting this to someone else who may not know your dog, or not be qualified to properly evaluate dogs overall could lead to a more serious issue. We take your pets health and well-being very seriously and would never want to potentially put them in harms way. Q. Can I pickup my pet outside of the designated hours for pickup and dropoffs?
A. Yes. However, we do ask that you make these arrangements ahead of time. These arrangements are subject to an additional fee for each outside of hours transaction. Failure to show up for an arranged outside of hours drop off of pickup will still result in a charge to your account. Q. Why should I have to pay a fee for after hours drop offs or pickups?
A. Our staff have a time frame in which to provide care for the dogs including exercising, feeding, cleaning up after them and assisting clients. The facilities hours of operation are scheduled in such a way that our staff are provided adequate time to complete their tasks and properly care for the dogs. When staff are required to perform outside of hours check-ins and check-outs, the time that is intended for care and cleaning is reduced, which has to be made up later by a staff member that we must pay a wage to. In short, outside of hours transactions cost time and money to be completed and so we must be compensated for it. Q. My dog is not friendly with other dogs/is not friendly with or cannot be handled by people/has a bite history. Can you still provide boarding services for him/her?
A. Yes. As long as the dog in question is not a danger to themselves, we can provide all of the required care for them, exercise, etc. but in an isolated manner and without having to be in direct contact with anyone. We have a system of doors and runs that allow us to remotely exercise any dog. IMPORTANT: We require all clients filling out a boarding agreement to fully disclose any past bite history that their dog may have. This is for the safety of our staff and the protection of your dog. Please be sure to answer this accurately and honestly. Pet Boarding
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