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Feeding a quality diet is essential in promoting good health and well-being in your dog. For this reason, our facility provides options for those who wish to feed a raw diet as well as those looking for the convenience and the next best alternative, a prepared, dry kibble diet. Please see the link below which contains a pdf of our complete product line of raw pet food with pricing. Before coming out we do recommend that you call ahead to be sure we have your products available, especially for larger, mixed orders. However, if you decide to drop in, we are always happy to see you and serve you. What you feed and how you care for your pet is your choice and your responsibility. However, we are here to provide you with advice, based on our 15 years of experience, should you have any questions.
Ground & Whole Raw Products We offer a broad range of protein sources in a number of formats, both ground and whole, that make raw feeding simple for those who are new to raw feeding yet cost effective for both the beginner and experienced raw feeder. All ingredients are from licensed, inspected facilities and the products that are produced from the ingredients are prepared and frozen in the same facility, ensuring freshness and quality. Please click on our Raw Price List (right) to view/download a pdf file of our price list, providing details about the products we have to offer. Please feel free to contact us via email with any questions or concerns that you may have with regard to the products we offer or starting your pet on a raw diet. We will do our best to answer any inquiries in a timely manner.
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Raw Pet Food
Why Supplement?
To fill in nutritional gaps, to strengthen the immune system, to aid in development as well as to maintain health and well-being. The supplements that we offer are from the Feedsentials family of products. All supplements are whole food, made with quality, hand-selected and prepared ingredients. Click on the supplements page image at right for an expanded view containing a description of the supplements that we carry and their prices. This file can also be found in our price list. Feed-Sentials Family
of Whole Food Supplements
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Click here for our raw food price list >>>
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