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At Country Lane Pet Resort, we offer safe and reliable day and overnight boarding services for dogs of all

breeds and temperaments. Our compassionate and experienced staff provide safe one on one playtime,

allowing us to meet the individual needs of each dog in our care. While staying with us, your dog will have a

private, comfortable, climate controlled accommodation that is cleaned daily with our comprehensive and pet

friendly cleaning procedures. Our frequently updated social media accounts will reassure you that your best

friend is having a blast while you're away!


We are also home to Primitive Raw Pet Foods Inc., providing an affordable, convenient and species appropriate diet for your pets! Feeding raw comes with an assortment of benefits including healthier teeth, gums, skin, coat and muscles, boosted immune system, increased energy, improved digestion, extended life span and more! We offer a broad range of proteins with no fillers, in both ground and whole options, to make feeding raw easy and cost effective. Our staff is highly educated, experienced, and eager to assist you in feeding a quality diet to your pet!

We kindly ask all visitors to please respect our property

  • Please drive SLOWLY and cautiously down the driveway (do not exceed over 10km/hr), we care about the safety of our staff, pets and clients

  • Pets must be on a leash and restrained before leaving the vehicle

  • Please refrain from reaching your hands through any fencing inside or outside of our facility. Not all dogs in our care will necessarily be friendly or safe to touch

  • Please pick up after your pet if it relieves itself on our property and please refrain from littering. If you do not have the means to by which to dispose of your pet waste, please ask one of our staff members

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