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What information do I need to provide you with before I can board my dog with you?
We will request that you tour our facility, and at that time (or over the phone) we will ask you to fill out a boarding agreement. The form will provide us with all of the information we need to take care of your pet. It will also provide us with the appropriate contact information, should we need to contact you.

Why does your boarding agreement ask for a vet expense limit?
For insurance purposes, we require this information. In the event your pet injures itself or becomes ill, we need to establish a vet expense limit to provide medical care for them. Each person may have a different amount that they feel comfortable spending in the event of an emergency, which we are not in a position to determine. Please understand that we will always contact you and your emergency contact immediately, this is for a worst case scenario situation. 

Why does your boarding agreement ask for an emergency contact?
In the event of an emergency we require the assistance of an emergency contact to either provide care for your pet or make decisions about your pet's well-being in your absence (if we are unable to contact you). This contact must be aware that you are assigning this responsibility to them and that, in the event there is an emergency, they will be contacted. They may be asked to take the pet (if needed) to a veterinarian or provide them with care in the event that they cannot stay with us due to illness, etc.

I feed my dog a raw diet. How do I prepare?
We provide fridge and freezer space free of charge, however, we do request that all meals are prepared and portioned ahead of time, either in containers or ziplock bags. Please provide clear instructions, and whether or not it is to be fed thawed or frozen. If meals are not pre-portioned, a $5 portioning fee will be added. 

Will my dog be playing with other dogs?
No. Our facility focuses on each dog as an individual. This allows us to accept all breeds, temperaments, and unaltered guests. We do safe one on one time with each one of our guests, which allows us to get to know each one on a more personal level. If your dog is dog friendly, guests can have playtime in the play area beside another friendly guest.

Can I pick up my dog outside of the designated check in & out hours?
Yes, however, we do ask that you make these arrangements ahead of time. These arrangements are subject to an additional fee for each outside of hours transaction.

Why should I have to pay a fee for out of hours check in & out?
Our staff have a time frame in which to provide care for the dogs. This includes exercising, feeding, cleaning and assisting clients. The facility hours of operation are scheduled in such a way that our staff are provided adequate time to complete their tasks and properly care for our guests. When staff are required to perform outside of hours check in and check outs, the time that is intended for care and cleaning is reduced, which has to be made up later by a staff member that we must pay.

My dog is unaltered. Will this be a problem?
We will happily take unaltered guests. Please inform us if your female dog will be in heat during our care.

My dog is not friendly with other dogs OR is not friendly with/cannot be handled by people OR has a bite history. Can you still provide boarding services?
Yes. As long as the dog in question is not a danger to themselves, we can provide all of the required care for them (including exercise, etc), but in an isolated manner and without direct contact with anyone. We have a system of doors and runs that allow us to remotely exercise any dog. 
Important: We require all clients filling out a boarding agreement to fully disclose any past bite history that their dog may have. This is for the safety of our staff and the protection of your dog. Please be sure to answer this accurately and honestly. 

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