Turkey is a great option to include in your pet's raw diet when looking for an easily digestible protein or variety. We have various turkey products, in whole and ground formats, to assist you in formulating recipes appropriate for your pet.


Our whole parts make great treats and snacks for dogs of all sizes and may even satisfy whole meals for smaller animals. Our ground products are offered in a variety of different grinds and pre-portioned sizes to meet the needs of all pets, big or small.





Turkey Necks

Large, meaty turkey necks frozen individually in a 5lb bag. Great as a meal for medium to large dogs and can be portioned for smaller pets. Each neck weighs approximately 3/4-1lb.


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Turkey Wings

Large wings suitable as a meal for medium to large dogs. Each bag contains 2 pieces and price based on approximate total weight of 3lbs. Wing weights vary from 1-2lbs.


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Turkey Drums

These large drums are sold individually based on weight and make a great meal for large dogs. Drum weights vary from 1-3lbs.


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Turkey Cubes

Coarse ground turkey meat (approx. 70%) and bone (approx. 30%) frozen in approximately 1lb cube. Available for purchase in a 5lb bag ($3.60/lb) or 40lb case ($2.55/lb).


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60lb Turkey

Medium ground turkey meat (80%),  bone (10%) and organ (5-10% potential heart, liver, gizzard left over from carcass cavity) frozen in 5lb bags. Available for purchase in a 60lb case ($1.93/lb). This format is suitable for feeding large dogs and/or multiple dogs.


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Turkey Plus

Medium ground turkey meat (80%), bone (10-15%)  and  approximately 10% organ blend (5% liver, 5% heart), frozen in a 1lb tube. Available for purchase individually ($4.40/lb) or a 10lb bag ($3.90/lb). (Green Ribbon)


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