We offer numerous beef products, both ground and whole, to provide your pet with satisfying and nutritious meals and treats. Beef is rich in a variety of nutrients, including (but not limited to), several B vitamins, protein, taurine, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium and zinc.

Our whole parts make excellent recreational chews, guaranteed to keep your dog busy while providing physical and mental stimulation. Additionally, raw bones are paramount in keeping your pet's teeth clean as the chewing and ripping removes plaque and tartar.

We also offer numerous ground products, to assist in balancing your meals and making portioning easy and convenient whatever the size of your pet.



Beef Backstrap

Raw beef backstrap comes

individually frozen in an approximately 1lb bag. A great chew offering an excellent source of glucosamine and chondroiton.


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Beef Knuckle

Large bones sold per pound, suitable for recreational chewing. Recommended for medium to x-large sized pets.


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Mixed Beef Bones

Various sized bones and parts including, ribs, leg, knuckle, loin, backstrap, etc. combined in a 5lb bag. Variety of bones varies bag to bag.


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Small Beef Marrow Bones

Small beef marrow bones are cut approximately 2-3" long. Available for purchase frozen in a 3lb bag.

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Large Beef Marrow Bones

Large beef marrow bones are cut approximately 6-8" long. 

Available for purchase frozen in a 3lb bag.





Beef Muscle Cubes

Medium ground boneless beef muscle meat in approximately 1lb cubes. Available for purchase in a 5lb bag ($3.57/lb) or 40lb case ($2.89/lb).

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Complete Beef Cubes

Finely ground beef only blend containing 60% beef muscle, 30% lung, 5% bone & trachea and 5% organ (liver, spleen, kidney), frozen in approximately 1lb cube. Available for purchase in a 5lb bag ($3.69/lb) or 40lb case ($2.95/lb).

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Beef Chunks

Chunks of boneless beef in approximately 2.5lb cubes. Available for purchase in a bag containing 3 cubes (approximately 7.5lbs) ($2.53/lb) or a 45lb case ($2.18/lb).



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Beef Organ Cubes

Medium ground organ meat cubes containing 40% tripe, 40% lung, 20% (liver, heart, kidney, spleen). Each organ cube varies in weight, approximately 1/4lb cubes. Available for purchase in a 3lb bag ($2.98/lb) or 25lb bag ($2.26/lb).



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Beef Tripe Cubes

Finley ground green beef tripe, frozen in approximately 1lb cubes. Available in 3lb ($4.16/lb) or 25lb bag ($2.40/lb).



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Ultra Beef

Coarsely ground beef organ blend containing 40% beef meat (head, heart, esophagus, lung) and 60% organ (spleen, liver, pancreas, kidney) frozen into 1lb tubes. Available for purchase individually ($3.75/lb), 10lb bag ($2.75/lb) or a 40lb case ($2.48/lb).

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Beef Bone Paste

Beef bone, ground and pulverized to a paste consistency and frozen into a approximately 1lb cubes. A convenient way to supplement bone in your pet's diet. Available in a 2lb bag ($4.75/lb) or 40lb case ($3.20/lb).



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Beef & Organ Mince

Medium ground beef meat, 10% bone dust and approximately 10-15% organ blend (lung, liver, kidney), frozen in a 2.5lb bag. Available for purchase individually ($3.40/lb) or a 50lb case ($2.80/lb).



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