Lamb is a nutrient dense red meat option, rich in iron, zinc, omega 3 fatty acids while also being a great source of all B-group vitamins. Lamb also contains a number of bioactive nutrients and antioxidants including creatine, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and Glutathione. 

Our whole parts make great treats and snacks for dogs of all sizes and may even satisfy whole meals for smaller animals. Our ground products are offered in a variety of different grinds and pre-portioned sizes to meet the needs of all pets, big or small.


Lamb Chunks

Meaty lamb chunks with bone in come in various weights. Great for dogs of all sizes. Easily portioned (if necessary) when defrosted and even when frozen. Available for purchase in a 5lb bag ($3.30/lb) or 40lb case ($2.60/lb).



Lamb Loin Chops

Meaty bone in chops are a great treat for large to medium dogs and a great meal for smaller pets. Individually   frozen in a 2lb bag.



Lamb Cubes

Finely ground lamb, meat only, with traces of bone due mechanically separating the meat from the bone. Approximately 1lb cubes available for purchase in a 5lb bag ($4.35/lb) or a 40lb case ($3.63/lb).



Complete Lamb

Finely ground, mechanically separated lamb meat (65%), lung (20%), liver (10%) and finely ground pasted bone (5%). Approximately 1lb cubes available for purchase in a 5lb bag ($4.56/lb) or a 40lb case ($3.70/lb).




Lamb Patties

Medium ground lamb meat with bone, frozen individual patties weighing  approximately 6oz (0.38lb). Available  for purchased in a 9.36lb case ($4.22/lb) with approximately 20-24 patties per case.



Lamb Mix

Coarsely-ground lamb tripe, lung, trachea, trim (meat), liver, spleen and kidney. This product is offered in a 1lb frozen sealed tube. Available for purchase in a 10lb bag.





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