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Chicken is an affordable option that offers nutrients such as zinc, selenium, B vitamins, magnesium and iron. We have various chicken products, in whole and ground formats, to assist you in formulating recipes appropriate for your pet.


Our whole parts make great treats and snacks for dogs of all sizes and may even satisfy whole meals for smaller animals. Our ground products are offered in a variety of different grinds and pre-portioned sizes to meet the needs of all pets, big or small.



Chicken Gizzards

Chicken gizzards are high in protein, minerals (iron, zinc, B12) and glucosamine. Available for purchase frozen individually in a 2lb bag and make an excellent meaty treat to add to any diet.


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Chicken Necks

Chicken necks consist of most meat and some bone and come individually frozen in a 5lb bag. These necks can be conveniently portioned as snacks or meals for pets of all sizes.


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Chicken Carcass

Whole, meaty chicken carcasses, excellent for cleaning teeth and suitable for feeding thawed or frozen. Great size for large breed dogs but can be thawed and portioned for smaller pets. Please note that the weight of each case varies, 25-30lb per case. 


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Chicken Hearts

Chicken hearts offer a nutrient dense addition to your pet's diet. These whole hearts are loaded with protein, fatty acids, vitamin A, iron, B vitamins and more. Chicken hearts come individually frozen in a 2lb bag.


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Chicken Feet

A great snack for pets of all sizes, our chicken feet are sold individually frozen in a 2lb bag.


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Chicken Livers

Liver is an essential part of every raw diet. Extremely nutrient dense, packed with vitamin A, B, iron, protein, trace minerals, and much more. Available  frozen individually for purchase in 2lb bag.


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Chicken Chunks

Chicken back pieces consist of meat, bone, skin and fat. Great for small dogs and cats or as a snack for medium to large sized dogs. Available for purchase in a 3lb bag of individually frozen pieces.


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Chicken Cubes

Medium ground chicken meat (approx. 70%) and bone (approx. 30%) frozen in a convenient (approximately) 1lb cube. Available for purchase in a 5lb bag ($3.19/lb) or 40lb case ($2.22/lb)

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Chicken Tubes (3lb)

Medium ground chicken meat (approx. 70%) and bone (approx. 30%) frozen in a 3lb tube, allowing for easy storage while also preserving freshness. Available for purchase individually ($2.93/lb) or in a 36lb case ($1.88/lb).


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Chicken Plus

Medium ground chicken meat (80%), bone (10%) and heart & liver blend (10%), frozen in a 1lb tube to allow for easy storage and to preserve freshness. Available for purchase individually ($3.35/lb), 10lb bag ($2.75/lb) or a 40lb case ($2.43/lb). (Yellow Ribbon)


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55lb Chicken Mince

Medium ground chicken meat (80%), bone (10%) and organ (5-10% potential heart, liver, gizzard left over from carcass cavity) frozen into 5lb bags. Available for purchase in a 55lb case ($1.33/lb). This format is suitable for feeding large dogs and/or multiple dogs.


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