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Welcome to Primitive Raw Pet Foods (2020) Inc. We provide an affordable, convenient and species appropriate diet for your pets! Feeding raw comes with an assortment of benefits including: healthier teeth, gums, skin, coat and muscles, boosted immune system, increased energy, improved digestion, and an extended life span! We offer a broad range of proteins with no fillers, in both ground and whole options, to make feeding raw easy and cost effective. Our staff is highly educated, experienced, and eager to assist you in feeding a quality diet to your pet!

Raw Pet Food: Our Services

Appropriate. Affordable. Convenient.


short rib med.png

Beef Short Ribs

Small - Medium sized beef short ribs. Small are cut approximately 1" long. Medium are cut approximately 2-3” long. Recommended for extra small - medium sized pets. Available for purchase frozen in a 2lb bag.

*SAVE $2.00/BAG*

Small & Medium


$7.00/2lb bag



Please note that none of us at Country Lane Pet Resort/Primitive Raw Pet Foods (2020) Inc. are medical professionals. Our recommendations come based on thorough training, research, and the lengthy combined experience of our staff members.

We always recommend doing whatever you are comfortable with and think is best for your pet based on your own research.   

We reserve the right to change our product prices at any time without further notice.

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