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Pork is rich in zinc, vitamin B12 & B6, thiamin, iron, selenium and more. Additionally, this protein sources tends to be a great option for pets with allergies, being considered hypoallergenic.

We offer various pork parts, some which are meaty and ideal to supplement meals, and others which make excellent recreational chews.



Pork Liver

Liver is an essential part of every raw diet. Extremely nutrient dense, packed with vitamin A, B, iron, protein, trace minerals, and much more. Pork liver is available frozen individually for purchase in 2lb bag.


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Pork Knuckle

Medium sized recreational pork knuckle bone is great for medium to large breed dogs. Sold individually frozen in a 3lb bag.


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Pork Chine

A great meaty pork chew for medium to large sized dogs. Sold individually frozen in a 5lb bag.



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Pork Neck

Meaty bone in chunks of pork neck. These small chunks make for a great meal for smaller pets and snack size for medium to large pets. Available frozen individually in a 3lb bag.


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Pork Buckeye

Medium sized recreational bones, suitable for medium to large dogs. Sold individually frozen in a 3lb bag.


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Pork Mince

Medium ground pork meat (80%), bone (10%) and organ blend of heart, kidney, liver (10%). Available for purchase in a frozen solid 2.5lb bag ($3.80/lb) or a 50lb case ($3.02/lb).


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