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To ensure the health and safety of all our guests, we require that each dog must be free of transmittable diseases and parasites, and be compliant with the following requirements.

 If pets show signs of illness such as coughing, diarrhea, abnormally goopy eyes or other visable signs of poor health prior to boarding, the pet must be evaluated by a veterinarian and given clearance before boarding. 

We do not recommend that clients vaccinate pets immediately prior to staying with us.

We prefer 4-6 weeks time lapse prior to boarding so that your pets immune system is not compromised while they stay with us.

We encourage all clients to do their own research and educate them selves to make the best decision for pets.

Here are some helpful resources.

Why we do not require the Kennel Cough vaccine

Looking for an alternative to over vaccinating? Ask your vet about Titers


Proof of a fecal test negative for parasites and at least the first set of DHPP booster is required.

We don't require proof of Rabies up until 1 year of age.


Our facility requires that each pet owner provide proof of Rabies vaccination.

This vaccination must be up to date based on the duration stated on the vaccine label (eg. Imrab3 and Miral 3 = 3 year vaccine). Due to the regulations of Clarington Department of Health, this vaccination is required by law.

Vaccination and Health Requirements: Our Services


We only require proof that your pet has received one DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza)  vaccination for the lifetime of your pet. This vaccination is not required by law.


This vaccination is optional and we recommend that clients speak to their veterinarian and decide for themselves. Being vaccinated against Bordetella is not always a guarantee that your pet will not contract Bordetella, commonly known as Kennel Cough.


In the event that your pet cannot be vaccinated, we ask that you provide a health certificate from your veterinarian. This should state why your pet cannot receive vaccinations, and should confirm that the pet does not appear to have any communicable ailments within 1 month of boarding your pet at our facility for the first time. After your pets first stay with us, we require that health certificates are updated every 3 years.

We will gladly accept titer tests in place of a vaccine certificate.

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