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Here at Country Lane Pet Resort, we understand that dogs come in many shapes, sizes and temperaments. We take pride in our ability to adapt our care so that we are able to work in harmony with many pets. We understand that different dogs and breeds have distinct personalities and needs.

We are equipped to accept most dogs, regardless of behavioral issues, but require that all clients be honest and upfront with any aggression issues or bite histories, for both the safety of our staff and comfort of your dog.

To ensure that we are able to meet the needs of each client and pet, we REQUIRE a trial visit prior to the initial stay. This allows your pet to have the opportunity to become familiar with our facility, staff, and routine, while providing a positive first experience and to ensure we are the right fit.

All pets with a human bite history will be classified by our facility by the code colour "PINK". This means that you are the only person to handle your pet both when entering and leaving the facility. 


Upon arrival, you are to required to alert staff by either a phoning, or coming into the office without your pet. Your pet is not to leave the vehicle until our staff tell you that it's safe to do so. Our staff will show you where your pet is staying, and guide you into the appropriate area. You will then remove the collar and leash, and get them all settled into their area. 

Our staff will not have direct contact with any pets that are classified as "PINK", however these pets will still receive the same care with regard to exercising outside, feeding and cleaning schedule. Please consult with our staff prior to boarding your pet to be sure all processes are understood.

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