Duck offers an abundance of selenium, zinc, copper, B vitamins and essential amino acids for your pet. Additionally, being a novel protein, duck can be a great option for pets with allergies.

Our whole parts make great treats and snacks for dogs of all sizes and may even satisfy whole meals for smaller animals. Our ground product is easily portioned to meet the needs of pets of all sizes.



Duck Necks

Medium sized meaty duck necks make for a great meal for medium to large dogs or can be portioned for smaller pets. Sold individually frozen in a 5lb bag.


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Duck Bits

An assorted bag of individually frozen duck pieces offered in a 2lb bag. Each bag contains wings, feet, heart and gizzards. Great to use as individual snacks/treats or to supplement the diet.




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Duck Wings

Medium sized wings (drum/wing/tip) suitable for pets of all sizes. Sold individually frozen in a 2lb bag.


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Duck Heads

Complete with brain and eyes, duck heads provide an abundance of beneficial nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. Sold individually frozen in a 1lb bag.



Duck Livers

Liver is an essential part of every raw diet. Extremely nutrient dense, packed with vitamin A, B, iron, protein, trace minerals, and much more. Duck liver is available frozen individually for purchase in 2lb bag. Great for pets of all sizes.

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Duck Feet

A great snack or chew for pets of all sizes. Our chicken feet are sold individually frozen in a 2lb bag.


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Duck Hearts

Duck hearts offer a nutrient dense addition to your pet's diet. These whole hearts are loaded with protein, fatty acids, vitamin A, iron, B vitamins and more. Individually frozen hearts in a 2lb bag. Great for pets of all sizes.

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Duck Gizzards

Duck gizzards are high in protein, minerals (iron, zinc,B12) and glucosamine. Available for purchase frozen individually in a 2lb bag and make an excellent meaty treat to add to any diet.

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50lb Duck Mince

Medium ground duck meat (approx. 70%) and bone (approx. 30%) frozen in a solid 2.5lb bag. Available for purchase individually in a 2.5lb bag ($3.30/lb) or in a 50lb case ($2.60/lb). 

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Duck Plus

Medium ground duck meat (80%), bone (10%) and organ (5% liver, 5% heart), frozen in a 1lb tube. Available for purchase individually ($4.65/lb) or a 10lb bag ($4.10/lb). (Orange Ribbon)

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